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Khanqah & Dargah Sultan ul Awliya Hazrat Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani R.A.

Baab Ash-Shaykh, Baghdad Shareef

Knowledge and spirituality have been passed down from generation to generation in the Usmania family from the time of Hazrat Danial Qatari, the first person of the Usmani Qadri family to settle in Budaun. In every period, people have been guided to follow the path of Allah and His Prophet (peace be upon him) in this khanqah. Every age has seen prominent Awliya Allah (righteous people and friends of Allah) in this khanqah.

    Hazrat Shah Ainul Haq Maulana Abdul Majeed Qadri Budauni became the mureed of the Qutb (a high spiritual station) of the time Shams-e-Marehra Hazrat Abul Fazl Aale Ahmad Achhey Mian Marehrwi  and was honoured with authority (ijaazat) and successorship (khilaafat). 

     In 1235 Hijri / 1820, Shah Ainul Haq Maulana Abdul Majeed Qadri Budauni laid the foundation for the Qadri Khanqah in Budaun from where the Qadri and Barkaati spiritual benefits started to spread out to the world.

     InshaAllah, the Qadri Khanqah will be completing 200 years of its existence soon. In these two centuries, the scholars and spiritual guides of this Khanqah have kept alive the tradition of religious teaching, preaching and humanitarian service and it continues to this day.

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